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Home in Papatoetoe

Home is where the family is, and the family is where the heart is.

At Kasa Homes, we believe that every family deserves a home, that’s perfect for them. A welcoming warm place filled with love and joy, where your children could hang their artworks, learn to ride bicycles, and where you could grow old with your lovely spouse with contentment and peace.

Turning a new page in your life should be filled with joy and excitement, not with dilemma and stress of making the wrong move.

At Kasa Homes, we not just construct the right house for you, we construct possibilities for a safe and greater future for you and your family at affordable prices.

So many families have found their perfect dream home in our long journey of building industries. We have built visionary homes, exactly as our customers had envisioned. From the built quality of our houses to customer satisfaction, nothing has changed, except for one thing – Our name.
Kasa homes are now Kasa Homes, a much smarter and technologically evolved business venture to serve your modern needs. Our future proof smart homes are not only equipped to match the digital age with present-day devices but are also capable of flourishing with the future. Our smart homes empower you and give you effortless control over all aspects of your house on your fingertips.
Kasa Homes latest venture is all set to take place in Papatoetoe, Aukland. A serene city of spectacular sights is a perfect place to start a new chapter in life. Equipped with an array of modern-day amenities like schools, hospitals, gurudwaras, temples and much more, Papatoetoe is a well known & comfortable place to live.

Also known as Queen street of Papatoetoe and Golden circle area, we are offering a wide range of luxurious homes perfect for you at affordable prices on Kolmar street. So come, join us in your pursuit of finding a perfect home.
Our Kolmar road project is a by-product of most experienced professional builders equipped with long experience and most seasoned interior designers with exquisite taste. The Kolmar road project offers an endless range of homes, ready for possession. With the serenity that the suburbs have to offer paired with all the modern amenities, Kolmar road is the perfect place to invest.
Our houses will not only fit your taste but will exceed your expectations in all aspects. Our houses designed with a great eye for detail and to achieve perfection will make you go wow at affordable and unbelievable prices. So what are you waiting for? If you are planning to invest Papatoetoe, give us a call today!