Integrated Smart Home system to enable seamless control your television, audio/video equipment and lighting from your smart phone or wall mounted iPad touchscreen
● Smart Security system so you can monitor the safety of your home anywhere in the world from your smartphone .
● Electronic control of your garage door and front door, allowing you to control access to your home from anywhere
● Sonos One speaker to play crystal clear audio throughout the living area of your home.
● Alexa voice control to enable lights, doors, heatpump and music to be controlled entirely by your voice.

Smart Home Controller

● The Smart Home controller is the technology hub of your home.
● It is hidden out of sight but is always connected ensuring your home is comfortable, safe and energy efficient.
● It gives you the ability to connect to your home and easily control security, door access, heating and lighting from anywhere.

Smart Home Control

● Easily control all aspects of your home from your smartphone whether you are at home or away.
● Control your television, music system, lighting or room temperature all from your fingertips.
● Arm and disarm your security system and receive notifications of breaches directly to your smart phone

iPad Touch Screen

● The wall mounted iPad touchscreen is always powered and available to ensure all functions of your Smart Home are easily accessible.
● Control your television, music system, lighting or room temperature all from your fingertips.
● View and talk to visitors without the need to open your front door.
● Arm and disarm your alarm and open your garage or front door directly from the control panel.
● Browse websites, view cooking recipes or read news headlines directly from the touchscreen

Video Doorbell

● Receive a notification alert on your touchscreen or smartphone when a visitor arrives at your front door.
● You have the ability to see and talk to visitors, couriers and tradespeople from anywhere
● If needed you are able to control and unlock the front door from anywhere.

Keyless Entry

● Have the freedom to leave the house without the need for keys. Add multiple codes for close family and friends. Add temporary codes for tradespeople.
● You have the ability to lock and unlock the front for from the keypad or your smartphone.
● If needed you are able to control and unlock the front door from anywhere.

Garage Door Control

● Easily control the garage door from your remote Keyfob or smartphone.
● Have the ability to remotely control your garage door from anywhere

Security Alarm

● Your home is secured by a Smart Security system that will sound internal and external sirens when the alarm is breached.
● The front and rear entry points are protected by pet friendly motion sensors.
● The motion sensors detect body heat from intruders and signal the alarm system to trigger if activated.
● You have the ability to easily arm and disarm the system from the wall mounted touchscreen or by using your smartphone anywhere

Remote Keyfob

● Your remote KeyFob provides quick and easy access to multiple functions within your home.
● Arm and disarm your alarm from the outside of your house when you leave or arrive home
● Turn on selected lights when you arrive home in the dark and easily open your garage door or front door from the press of a button

Lightning Automation

● Selected lighting circuits can be automatically controlled from your Smart Home system
● Lighting can be automatically switched off when you go to bed at night or leave home in the morning.
● Lights can automatically turn on when you arrive home in the dark.
● Lights can be automatically controlled to turn on/off when you are away to look like someone is always home.

Sanos Smart Speaker

● Play crystal clear audio from multiple music sources including Spotify, Apple Music, iHeart Radio, Tune-in Radio or local content from your device.
● Simply talk to your Sonos One Smart Speaker/Alexa to control music, lighting or your heat pump

Heat Pump Control

● Easily control your heatpump from your wall mounted touch screen or smartphone
● Control your heatpump remotely from anywhere to ensure a safe and comfortable return home

Future Proofed

● Your Smart Home system is setup to easily expand into the future.
● It has been designed in a way that control of additional lighting, cameras and speakers can be easily added in a seamless and modular manner.
● The system is also future proofed to ensure new features can be added to accommodate for any new and emerging technology